In order for a product to be certified as “Shark Free,” a Company must comply one of the following criteria. Companies which do not use Squalene/Squalane from any source are welcome to apply;


  1. The Company does not use or sell Squalene/ Squalane derived from any source in its products.
  1. The Company uses or sells only Squalene/ Squalane derived from a non-shark source in the production or sale of any Cosmetics and/or Personal Care Products.


If you checked Declaration 2 above, please choose Option 1 or Option 2 below

Option 1
The Company has obtained written confirmation from each of its Third Party Manufacturers  and Suppliers that any Squalene/Squalane supplied to the Company as a raw material and/or in finished product(s) is Shark Free.  

Please refer to the Definitions Section,“Declaration of Product / Raw Material Compliance,” for guidance on acceptable documentation.

Option 2
currently specifies to its Suppliers and manufacturers via Purchase Order and/or Material/Product Specification that Squalene/Squalane ingredients and/or finished products or raw materials supplied to the Company must be derived from a vegetable or synthetic non-shark source.  

The Company shall submit the Application for Approval to the Shark Free Program by completing the online application form.

If approved, The Company shall agree to the following:

(1)   Recommit annually

(2)   Company may choose, at its option to identify in Marketing materials and/or on their web site that they are Shark Free in the production and distribution of their consumer products

(3)   Advise the Shark Free Certification Program within 30 days of any changes to their Shark Free status and file and retain any new certifications required

 (4)   If a formulation, ingredient, or product is subsequently found to contain shark Squalene/Squalane, the Company will replace it with a non-shark alternative as soon as it is commercially viable to do so. Once this has been done, the Company will confirm so in writing

Once approved, you will have (optional) free use of the Shark Free logo, consumer friendly materials, images, and copy that tells the world your brand is shark friendly, forward thinking and that it cares about conservation and the future of the planet.

*Words and phrases described in the Standard that appear in bold have a corresponding definition located in the Definitions section below.



The Shark Free Coalition is an alliance of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products companies, Brands, Industry Associations and Organizations. Created to bring industry and consumer awareness to the issue of shark Ingredients in cosmetics, the Coalition assists the industry in removing or migrating to alternate sustainable ingredients. The Coalition recognizes that sharks are threatened and endangered species.

Shark Free Cosmetics is supported by the Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation, Cosmetics Alliance Canada and many industry leaders and ocean conservationists.


The person, corporation, partnership, or other legal organization that has separate existence and can function legally, including without limitation, its subsidiaries, divisions, and employees, involved in selling Cosmetic and/or Personal Care Products under its own name.

Cosmetics/Personal Care Products

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products, including without limitation, products for the hair (e.g., shampoo, conditioner, coloring agents, depilatory agents), skin (e.g., soap, moisturizer, sunscreen, lip balm, aftershave, antiperspirant, deodorant, talcum powder, bubble bath), mouth (e.g., toothpaste, mouthwash), nails (e.g., nail polish, polish remover), perfume, cologne, lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, powders and blush. Cosmetics also includes personal care products marketed or regulated as over-the-counter drugs (e.g., products that claim a health benefit such as skin care products that claim to treat or cure acne, or sunscreen products with an SPF value that claim to reduce signs of aging or the risk of skin cancer.)

Declaration of Product / Raw Material Compliance; Optional

Where the company chooses Option 1 to obtain written confirmation from its Third-Party Manufacturers, Suppliers or Agents, the following documentation forms are acceptable: animal-free statement or equivalent statement of non-animal or non-shark derived origin, statement of plant derived origin, or vegan certification. Third-Party Manufacturers will in turn have gathered Declarations of Raw Material Compliance from their Suppliers and agents to substantiate this declaration.


A single substance or mixture of substances, system, or compound, intended for use in Cosmetic and/or Personal Care Products, as listed on the product label.

Shark Free 

No shark Squalene/Squalane is used in the production and distribution of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products.

Squalene / Squalane

Squalene/Squalane is a compound used as a moisturizer in Cosmetic and Personal Care Products.  Squalene/Squalane is often derived from shark liver oil. Vegetable and synthetic Squalene/Squalane is readily available. Squalane is simply the hydrogenation of squalene regardless of the source.


Any manufacturer that supplies, directly, through an agent, or Third-Party Manufacturer, any Ingredient or Ingredient mixture used in the formulation of a Company’s own-label Cosmetic and/or Personal Care Products. This includes the original manufacturer of the Ingredient.

Supplier System

A system by which a Company engages its Third-Party Manufacturers and Suppliers to ensure that they continue to be Shark Free. Suppliers to be engaged must include the original manufacturer of the Ingredient.

Third-Party Manufacturer

A manufacturer that produces products on behalf of the Company seeking approval under the Standard.

Shark Free Coalition

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