What is the Shark Free Coalition/Certification?

The Shark Free Coalition is a voluntary certification program, open to cosmetic and personal care product companies. to declare their products free from shark squalene/squalane. 

What does shark-free mean?

To be certified Shark Free through the Shark Free Coalition, companies must agree not to manufacture, sell, purchase raw materials, final products or use shark squalene/squalane after a fixed cut-off date. Companies approved can use the logo, materials, and tell their consumers that they are Shark Free.


Is there a fee for joining the Shark Free Program?

Joining the Shark Free Coalition is currently free as a first-to-market offer. We may choose to require an application fee to cover costs associated with registration in the future.


Are there regulations regarding the use of shark squalene/squalane?

No. It is solely the choice of individual companies to use shark squalene. There are no laws or regulations regarding the use of shark squalene or squalane in cosmetics or personal care products. Squalene/squalane will appear on the ingredients label; there is no requirement to list the source of the squalene or squalane, whether it’s shark, plant-based or synthetic.


Are all Shark Free companies vegan (i.e., manufactured without animal by-products)?

The best place to find out more information is to check a company's FAQ directly. The Shark Free program’s focus is to eliminate the use of shark ingredients in commercial products. 

What is the difference between Shark Free logo users and non-logo users?

All Shark Free certified companies must comply with the same criteria and commitment. Companies can choose to use the #SharkFree logo for display on websites, packaging, social media, or not. However, if a company has been Shark Free certified, the company has confirmed in writing that their products do not contain shark squalene/squalane.


Why are companies owned by non-certified parent companies allowed to be on the Shark Free list?

Brands/Companies that are Shark Free certified that were purchased by non-certified parent companies must operate as stand-alone subsidiaries with their own supply chains and must continue to meet the requirements of the Shark Free Certification in order to remain on our list. However, we recognize that there will be many environmentally conscious consumers who are concerned about giving their financial support to a parent company that has not committed to ending the use of shark in their products.


Where can I buy Shark Free certified products?

Products with Shark Free certification can be found anywhere cosmetics and personal care products are sold. We will publish our list of certified companies shortly.


I am writing an article/blog post/social media post about the shark free certification. Can I use the logo?

We are able to grant the use of the Shark Free logo and images for editorial purposes, but we would need to see any text associated with our logo in advance before giving permission. Please contact info@robstewartsharkwaterfoundation.org  with your request.


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