The Case For Shark Free

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“It should be good policy and practice not to engage in the trade of endangered species.”

Darren Praznik, Cosmetics Alliance

“We are committed to saving sharks, our oceans and the planet for future generations”

Sandy and Brian Stewart, Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation

The gap between those committed to protecting sharks and consumers making informed purchasing choices is quickly closing. In late 2021, Porter Novelli’s Purpose Premium Index (1) found:

  • 75% of Americans say it is no longer acceptable for companies just to make money; they must positively impact society too, and;
  • 73% say to win their support, companies must show how they are supporting communities and the environment.

Companies that declare their products are shark free will become a world leader in the cosmetics and personal care industry for consumers searching for environmentally conscious products.

Whether your company is shark free or aspiring to remove sharks from your supply chain, we will assist you.

Join the Shark Free Coalition.

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