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Cosmetics Alliance is the leading Canadian trade association representing the cosmetics and personal care products industry.

The Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation is a registered charity, dedicated to protecting sharks and oceans for a healthy planet.

Through media, online communities, empowering tools, tangible action plans and youth engagement, we are enabling and inspiring people around the globe to take real, meaningful action.

Shark Free is a coalition of members committed to protecting threatened and endangered sharks by ending the use of shark ingredients in commercial products. The Coalition was founded by Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation and the Cosmetics Alliance of Canada in 2022.

​​Shark squalene is used as a moisturizer in cosmetics and personal care products. Many of the shark species targeted for the shark oil and squalene market are highly endangered or threatened.

90% of shark squalene is sold to the cosmetics industry (1).

Shark-based squalene has a readily available substitute on the market that comes from a purely vegetable origin – olives – which is known to be of better quality than shark-based squalene and can be produced at the quantity needed to supply the cosmetics and personal care industry. 

There’s widespread awareness that sharks are endangered. Become a member of the Shark Free Coalition and declare your products are shark free and become a world leader in the cosmetics and personal care products industry. 

As a Coalition, we will be actively promoting all members at events, public facing campaigns, articles, media releases, etc. We look forward to working together to keep sharks out of our products to save them from extinction.

“My goal is to make people love sharks, so they will work to protect them. By bringing awareness to the issue of sharks in consumer products, people can make better choices” ~ Rob Stewart

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